Happy New Year!













The New Year is always a time for reflection and resolution -- the staff at Studio Amanda Talley is not exempt from this tradition.

Here are our work and personal resolutions for 2017 -- What are yours?


Collin and Zephyr, 2016

Collin and Zephyr, 2016

My work resolution is to double down on my organizational efforts.  In all honesty, it's not my strong suit, but I'm not bad at it either.  It just takes focus and constant attention.  My aim is to have the gallery running like a very finely tuned machine - one that's powered by a whirlwind of color, action, creativity and dogs.  I've had so much fun since joining this crew this past fall, and I'm psyched for what the new year has in store!

My personal resolution is to write more!  For pleasure, that is.  It will be so easy to accomplish since I write so little now.  I've always gotten such satisfaction fro writing for school and work, but I've rarely directed my efforts towards writing for my own enjoyment.  There's a great quote to the effect that "words are clothing for our thoughts," and I love the idea of an impeccably dressed thought.  So in 2017, I'm digging deeper into my lifelong love affair with ideas and their linguistic attire.


Outside in Iceland, 2016

Outside in Iceland, 2016

My work resolution is to give greater focus to a smaller number of studio projects.  2016 was exciting and wild due to the number of products and ideas we were pursuing all at once.  In the race to figure out how to make different things work, some really great ideas fell to the side.  Now that I know what our workroom and collaborators are interested in and excel at, I can zero in on specific styles and products, and let other ideas exist as special order or custom items.  I wouldn't trade this past year for the world, but there was a period of time when we were throwing bow ties, golf pants, kaftans, stationery, purses and stockings all into the air at once, while trying to keep up with phone cases and Apple's new iPhone introductions along with eight separate pop-ups at once.  That's a lot!  

My personal resolution is to find balance.  I spent the last ten years of my life as a mama, a cross country coach, and a manager of a running store.  Running and being outside is a very big part of who I am, and in the excitement of all the awesome happening at the studio, I forgot to be outside as much as I usually am.  And I miss it, and definitely feel the difference in my body and mind.  I also need to stop eating so many gummy worms and drinking Red Bull and Kool Aid.  Because, gross; but also so very unhealthy!  So, yes.  Balance in the form of more outdoors and less gummy worms!